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Romeo is a great chiropractor. I have been seeing him for a few months now and I have been feeling great. I have no more back pain and have been pain free after just a few sessions. I know every case is different but I am just speaking from my experience. He has a great attitude and truly cares to help you improve your body health.

El Catrin - 02/09/12


Dr. Romeo is the best ever. I've been to a lot of Chiropractors with minimal results. Dr. Romeo incorporates soft tissue work into traditional chiropractic techniques to obtain optimal results. Highly recommend.


My name is Juan. After suffering for months of tennis elbow I was told about Dr.Aaron Ayala, I was told he specialized in extremity and sports injury, so I figured I would try and check him out being that I hurt my arm weight lifting. I scheduled an appointment and went in. Dr.Ayala's front desk was great and helpful. Dr.Ayala didn't keep me waiting long like my previous experience with chiropractic, he brought me in at my scheduled time and introduced himself. He was very nice and understanding. He explained his exam thoroughly and told me the mechanisms of injury to the tissue and joint. He explained to me how long it would take for my elbow injury to calm down and explained his goal isn't to keep me coming back but to get me back to what I love to do, and that working out. He then did soft tissue work on my elbow in which I had no clue chiropractors do, adjust my radius explains that this joint is affected when tennis elbow occurs and the, again ha no clue chiropractors adjust more then the back, and Taped my elbow. After a week of treatment I felt over 50% better and was able to return to lifting weights. Dr.Ayala then explained the importance of rehabbing and building the the injury, which I had no clue chiropractors do. My treatment last approximately a month and my elbow pain was non existent. I would recommend all true sports players and all people suffering from true pain to check Dr.Ayala out if you really wanna get back into the game and back to life. He's carrying and truthfully understands how important it is to get back in the game and return to your life.Go visit Dr.Ayala.


All of my questions were answered during my appointment, and the doctor seemed very knowledgeable. They were happy to answer each and every question I had in-depth. They made sure that their qualifications were obvious. I was confident that I was under the care of a professional. I was amazed at how much better I felt after my adjustments. I was worried that my adjustments were going to be painful but they were extremely careful. They have some of the best customer service I have ever seen. Putting their customers first is definitely a priority here and it shows.


Dr. Dimaano is the best chiropractor I have ever used. I had several chronic issues and had many different types of treatment and therapies that only temporarily helped. His use of the ART method finally healed me and I am pain free for the first time in over 10 years.


Dr. Ayala really helped me thru a lot of painful situations. I've suffered from weak lower back for a few years and Dr. Ayala really tested out my back and did his very best to figure out what was wrong with me and he did. He really pinpointed the weakness in my back and thru ART and adjustments, he was able to get my back moving smooth and pain free. I can bend and move better than I could before I began treatment. Any primary care doctor would have sent me home with a prescription and said not to lift anything. Dr. Ayala not only got my back to heal thoroughly, but he also taught be how to strengthen my core and my exercise form to keep it from happening again. He was also very open to helping when I walked in recently without an appointment and saw that I was in real pain from a random neck spasm that was extremely sensitive and painful to any movement. He took me in and thoroughly examined me again and did his thing and I was able to leave with a lot less pain!!! No doubt, he is as good as I always heard from other people. He also answered all my questions, whenever I asked, and he never seemed to be in a rush. He always gave me 100% of his attention. Good doctor, attentive, professional, educated, and a nice person.


I suffered from plantar fasciitis for two years and saw 3 different doctors before I found Dr Romeo. He healed me in a month, Since then I have used him for my physical therapy for spinal stenosis and would recommend him to anyone.


I have been seeing Dr. Ayala for a Foot and back Problem he has such a keen awareness of the body! He used a technique I wasn't familiar with called A.R.T, Active Release Therapy! It was amazing! Love the expertise, results, compassion and warmth at Active Spine! Thank you, Dr. Romeo + Dr. Ayala


The doctor is very knowledgeable and professional. He has helped me through numerous sports injuries. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends.


Dr. Romeo is great! He's very punctual, listens well, and provides good treatment. It's also easy to get appointments - sometimes I can even get them same day! He practices "Active Release Therapy" which focuses on loosening muscles along with adjustments. He sometimes uses things like ultrasound along with massage and manipulation.

Eric H. - Lynnwood, WA


Been a patient of Dr Ayala for over 1 year .. He just moved locations .. I enjoy my appointments, I feel mobile after each visit. A little bit of cracking with physical therapy goes a long way.


Dr. Romeo is the best chiropractor out there. Anytime when my body is aching or needs maintenance, Dr. Romeo makes me feel like a whole new person. I highly recommend Dr. Romeo to anyone who is looking for a new chiropractor.


Dr Ayala is great! He really listens to what physical problems you are having and designs a treatment plan to help with your mobility. I've had years of problems with my ankle and shoulder, jumping from dr to dr to try and cure my pain, with little progress. I went to see dr Ayala and felt that on my 2nd visit, I was seeing progress already. Aside from his technical skills, dr Ayala, is down to earth and really speaks to you with compassion.

His front off staff is super friendly and it's always easy to make appt.

I look forward to many more treatments with dr Ayala.


I have been going to Dr. Romeo for a while. He always takes the time to listen to you and the issues you are having. I've had a variety of issues from my shoulder to my ribs to my leg. He has always been able to help me heal faster and get back to being active. I also appreciate his upfront and honest approach. If you are having any physical issues, you owe it to yourself to give Active Spine and Sports Care a call.



Dr. Romeo Dimaano, Dr. Aaron Ayala

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